Avoid bigger late accounts filing fees

If you had a March year end, your company accounts should have been submitted by 31 December. So, if this still needs to be done, you would already have incurred a penalty from Companies House to the tune of £150, and that’s if you file them by 31 Jan.

Go past 31 Jan, and submitting them anywhere between 1 – 3 months late will incur a penalty of £375. Being late by 3 – 6 months will cost £750, and over 6 months will cost £1,500, plus you have the threat of being struck off the company register if accounts are not filed at all.

If you then repeat this next year, all of the above penalties will be doubled.

So if filing your accounts are low down your list of priorities, it might be an idea to move them up the list, or you might end up spending a lot more on them than you thought.

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